Hello .Welcome to the website of the Brigstowe Village Band.  We are an acoustic band modelled on the village band of Thomas Hardy’s day, when local musicians would play at all the local  fetes, gatherings – weddings, seasonal  celebrations fetes , etc.  We have some 20 people in the band playing fiddle,  accordion, guitar , banjo, autoharp,melodeon, trombone, trumpet , horn , bassoon  and tuba.

We would especially welcome some flutes and clarinets !

We run the band as co-operatively  as possible  with professional musician Matt Norman as  our musical leader  and  arranger. Matt runs  monthly rehearsal every   3rd Sunday  2-4pm   rehearsals. We pay a month ‘sub’ to cover costs – however you can come along for the first time to see if you like us and the music !

We play lively upbeat dances and songs of the British Isles and also have  programmes of words  to match with our music .

In period dress we  have performed in lunchtime concerts , fairs and street parties and dances ( we have a caller  Anne , who will tell you what to do Most recently  Buskathon’s at Southmead Hospital  and St Stephen’s Church –  and this summer see us play  at street parties ;  Party in the Park and Peaceful Portway (  both in Bristol ).

We are a friendly and inclusive group welcoming all acoustic instruments, there are no auditions and most  music is provided  on line- some people read some play by ear . .