Band Expectations

20th Janary 2023

As we begin a new year, the steerers and I thought it would be helpful to share some of my ideas on things we’ll be working on in 2023, and our expectations from you as members of Brigstowe Village Band.

I’m keen to support all of you in improving the quality of the music you make. In rehearsals we’re not just learning the notes and arrangements of tunes, but learning how to gel together as an ensemble. We’re going to continue ironing out problems in old repertoire, creating new arrangements for any tunes that still need them, and rehearsing new and old seasonal repertoire to raise your confidence and bring you up to a higher standard of performing than ever before! Onwards and upwards!

With that in mind, here are some slightly more pronounced expectations of band behaviour than you might have seen in previous years. I (and all the Steerers) appreciate that everyone has other commitments in their lives and Brigstowe sometimes has to take a back seat, but please treat the following as a baseline and be aware that keeping the Musical Director (Alison) and the Steerers (Liz, Fritjof, Ruth, Colin & Lyn) informed makes it much easier to plan rehearsals and performances!

1) Band members are expected to attend rehearsals by default – if you can’t attend a rehearsal for any reason please let us know by contacting Membership Secretary Fritjof in advance.

2) Bring your music (listed in my Rehearsal Plan on the website) to rehearsals, along with a pencil and rubber.

3) Write existing arrangements (if they exist) onto your music before the rehearsal, if you haven’t already done so.

4) If you have to miss a rehearsal, please spend a few minutes at home catching up with what you missed, by reading my Rehearsal Plan update and writing any new information onto your music. There are often recordings you can listen to if you find this useful.

5) Turn up to performances on time, with all your music prepared. You are also encouraged to read my Performance Notes before every gig.

6) If you want to play in a gig, you have to let us know when contacted by Fritjof. You are also expected to attend rehearsals beforehand – if this is impossible then please let us know AND do your homework (see points 3, 4 & 5)!

7) If you suddenly can’t do a gig you’d already signed up for, please let us know as soon as possible.

I hope these all sound like reasonable requests as we work together to improve the quality and confidence of the band.


Musical Director of Brigstowe Village Band