Rehearsal Recordings

Notes on these recordings:

All In A Garden Green 3rd Time With B2 Blast: 3rd time only – has a better B2 blast (nice long notes and a crescendo) – this recording is from 31/10/21 so ignore any other arrangement differences

All In A Garden Green Full: Count in and first A is missing cos I didn’t hit record!

Peacock Sourdough Full: Most basses should drop out on Sourdough 1

Washing Day Full: Basses are missing on 2nd time

Nonsuch: No intro on this recording, but there is now a 4 bar wind intro (last 4 bars of B)

The 29th Of May – first play through: Just a first play through, not an arrangement!

Speed The Plough – once through: This is just once through the tune, with the intro and ending.

Helston and Portsmouth set: The new arrangement (3x each tune), from 19 June 2022.