BVB practice Friday 2 Feb

BVB practice Friday 2 February 7.30 – 9pm in the Youth Hall of Long Ashton Community Centre.

The playlist will focus on music for the St Stephens gig in March.


  1. The Triumph
  2. Brighton Camp
  3. Devil among the Tailors
  4. Toms gone to Hi Lo
  5. Cam Ye o’er from France
  6. Thrashing of the Oats
  7. Blackberry Quadrille
  8. Soldiers Joy
  9. Maybe some waltzes (Liz will bring music)

We are unlikely to do them all.

This practice will be run by band members. Liz would love to hear from anyone who is prepared to lead the rehearsal for one of the tunes.

About Brigstowe Village Band

The Brigstowe Village Band is a friendly community folk band which meets once a month near Bristol to rehearse, and does occassional concerts.
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