Thank you to all who took part in the Long Ashton Apple Day.

Message from Liz:

Thank you to all who made the Apple Day such a jolly and coherent programme – nervous in rehearsal; (it is ALWAYS tricky changing from outdoor to indoor gigs / summer to autumn AND trying our hand at playing new tunes together for dances (enhanced by Anne) songs and words (enhanced by Fritjof and Michael) hung together very well.

A number of the audience asked if i) whether we had made a CD they could buy ….! and ii) where they could come and see us perform next !

See as many as possible on November 21st for Matt’s next rehearsal – and a start on Christmas music.

Best wishes



About Brigstowe Village Band

The Brigstowe Village Band is a friendly community folk band which meets once a month near Bristol to rehearse, and does occassional concerts.
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