BVB Practice Tuesday 14 May for Portishead Senior Forum

We had a very good and enjoyable practice on Friday 26 May. Thank you to the people who were able to come.

Most useful was playing through Laurel’s four new tunes (Rising of the Larks, Up in the Morning Early, Union Dance and Untitled Waltz) and practicing her arrangements (adapted slightly by Liz, Helen and Mike to accommodate the instruments we will have at the Portishead Senior Forum gig on Wednesday 15 May).

Sixteen people have replied to the Doodle Poll to say they can play at the Portishead Senior Forum on Wednesday 15 May so we will have a strong line up.

There will be a practice for this gig on Tuesday 14 May at 23, The Crescent, Henleaze BS9 4RP 7.30 – 9.30pm. Please try to come if possible.

The playlist for this practice can be found here: Tues 14th May Practice Playlist.

This will also be the provisional setlist for the Portishead Senior Forum gig.

Please spend some time playing through the tunes so you know what you will be playing. Please take note of how some of the arrangements end.

Please listen to and play along with Laurel’s sound files. (We will play a little slower than the sound files at this stage).

For Laurel’s new arrangements we recommend that you cut and paste your part – the bass part for Rising of the Lark for example fits on one sheet of paper which is much easier to read than lots of sheets (sorry if this is a grandmother to suck eggs one!)

There will be a link nearer the time to words, readings and some singing in between the tunes. The programme will be just over an hour.

Happy practicing.



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