Portishead Senior Forum and onwards …

Message from Liz:

Dear BVB,

Thank you to all those who loyally attended the extra practices for Wednesday’s gig, played so well for Portishead Seniors and for braving the domestic politics with such good cheer. I have learnt that in future I must approach senior ladies in lilac suits with caution!

We got £30 for band coffers and some half decent tea / coffee and cake and some nice thank you’s afterwards. We were complimented on the variety of the programme, but generated some disappointment because in spite of much talk about cider there was none available.

More importantly we had a respectable stab at Laurel’s four new arrangements.

This involved:

  • a lot of devoted listening to the sound files
  • getting used to the slightly different sound that every gig produces – because not everyone can do every gig
  • adding to a more uplifting ‘style’ to the proceedings by remembering the more challenging beginnings and endings and the more ‘patchwork’ style of Laurel’s arrangements (I thought the BVB solution for the timing of Union Dance was genius)
  • responding to Briggy ……….. and finally
  • looking up at each other, at least some of the time!

The ‘Matt’ pieces like New Rigged Ship and Opera Hat had a brightness and flow to them which possibly came from a “thank heaven’ I don’t have to concentrate quite so hard on this one – but nevertheless they sounded good.

St Stephens next – where hopefully we will perform Union Dance – band and singers together; all to be revealed at Laurel’s rehearsal on Sunday.

Keep listening to the sound files.

Fritjof we missed you!

Best wishes






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