Thank you to all who took part in the U3A gig

Message from Liz:

Dear BVB

To those who played for U3A

Didn’t we do well!

It was quality, stylish playing and performances – with little sign of nerves, which with such a large audience would have been understandable. A particular thanks to Michael whose reading so enhances our performances.

Among many plaudits we received were ‘You looked as if you were enjoying yourselves’ (!- exclamation mark from me). Particularly pleasing  were the number of people who were, as I hoped, interested in booking us. Possible offers from social clubs, the Liberal party (we will have to think about that one!), and an old UWE friend who asked if we (or Roland and Michael anyway) – would perform the choirmasters funeral at her funeral – I don’t think this event is imminent .. but I have put it on the list for the future.

Stars all of you

Thank you



Also a lovely message from Kristin Payne from the U3A:

Dear Elizabeth

Thank YOU! It was a great morning. You had a bigger than normal audience, a full house, and everybody left looking happy. Several people made a point of telling me how much they had enjoyed it. Your jolly music and interesting accounts really lifted the spirit. So please thank all the musicians for their performance. I hope we may be able to invite you to come again at a different season of the year.

Best wishes



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