St Stephen’s concerts isolation news- live streaming subscription fund

Message from David Mowat from St Stephen’s

Dear colleague,

As soon as the severe restrictions lift, I am ready to provide live streaming concerts in St Stephen’s. Speranza and film maker Rhodri Spearing and a sound engineer friend offered their time for free at a successful trial run on Monday, so I know it’s possible. (We didn’t know it was a trail run until the curtain came down that evening!)

Would you please consider informing your fans, friends and followers on your mailing list of the chanceĀ to be a subscriber.

With film maker, sound engineer present and with musicians in strained circumstances less able to gig for free, but without a live generous audience, I have needed to find a creative way to keep the show on the road.

With love and thanks for the support you have given the programme in the past. Davis Mowat, concerts’ organiser

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