Great news! Live rehearsal Sunday 20 September, Long Ashton Main Village Hall

Great news. We can have a live Brigstowe Village Band rehearsal led by Laurel on Sunday 20 September, Main Village Hall, Long Ashton Community Centre from 2 – 4.15pm.

Laurel will bring her computer to the rehearsal so anyone who would rather take part from home can connect with us via Zoom. (Fingers crossed the technology works smoothly).

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Meeting ID: 898 7733 3765
Passcode: 354948

Laurel has put the list of tunes to be played in ‘Rehearsal Plans’

The government guidance for England has been amended:

Last updated 17 September 2020

On the 17 September, the DCMS published guidance that confirmed amateur choirs and groups can go ahead, alongside ‘rule of six’ regulations, as long as they are ‘in line with the performing arts guidance and if they can do so in a way that ensures that there is no interaction between groups of more than 6 at any time.’

The advice states: ‘If an amateur group is not able to ensure that no mingling takes place between these sub-groups of no more than 6 (including when arriving at or leaving activity or in any breaks or socialising) then such non-professional activity should not take place.’

This advice follows confusion after government guidance published by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities suggested that amateur music groups wouldn’t be able to meet, contrary to earlier DCMS advice saying it would be possible.

Long Ashton Village Hall is permitted to hold 26 people under COVID regulations. There are over 30 of us in Brigstowe Village Band. We are hoping that everyone who wants to will be able to attend the rehearsal. It would be helpful if you could email Fritjof at  if you are definitely not able to attend.

Please, please read the Covid secure procedures for the rehearsal – we MUST adhere to the regulations:

Brigstowe Village Band – Covid secure rehearsal procedures 

Brigstowe Village Band – Covid secure rehearsal procedures:

Detail for proposed rehearsal at Long Ashton Community Association ( LACA) Village Hall on Sunday September 20th . Note we are booking the Village Hall rather then the Jubilee Hall which is bigger (and more expensive ) to allow greater opportunity for social distancing


Long Ashton Community Association ( LACA) has a new centre manager, responsible among other things for Covid, as well as a new administrator . They have put careful measures into place including the use of a sterilising ‘fogging’ prior and after the hall is used but want to emphasise that everyone is learning at this early stage of returning to using the hall. There is an isolation room if someone is taken ill and a member of staff to manage an emergency.

LACA are permitted to take 24 people in the hall and two people on the stage. They will provide chairs which will be wiped down by members after use.

The room needs to be kept ventilated so windows, front and side doors will be kept open – bring a sweater of it is cold


LACA need to know who has attended rehearsals for track and trace purposes.

Consequently you will be asked to sign in on arrival – BVB have e-mail and telephone numbers

The list is held for 21days by Brigstowe Village Band and data protection is observed



We must avoid mingling

Please do not mingle in the carpark – come straight into the hall through your allocated entrance (see below) and take your seat.

The customary precautions have been taken. Hand sanitizers/ wipes are provided.

Lynn and I suggest that we operate a split arrival largely through the ‘pinch points ‘ of the front and side entrances one at a time so that members can operate a one way system and take up their places without pushing past each other .

Drums ,brass , bassoon and chords enter from the side front entrance( facing towards the larger main car park ) and seat themselves at the far end of the hall

Boxes, wind, fiddles enter through the main front entrance( facing towards the side car park )

Bags, cases and coats on the tables provided. There should be a ‘walkway ‘ around the band.

Laurel will be standing far back at the hatch with a space between herself and the front row of players. There is a microphone available for use.

When everyone has arrived and sat down we will all be allocated a group of 6 or less people. We must not mingle with anyone not in our group at any time during the rehearsal, break time or when leaving.



Chairs will be placed on the marked spots on the floor and at 2 metres distant.


Players who can may choose to wear masks. Flute players should, if possible, drop back into the walkway to allow greater distance. No singing.


One loo, off the main hall. There are vacant engaged signs on the door. We should go for staggered loo breaks

Refreshments and break time 

If the weather permits members will be asked to take their break outside  – staying within their allocated group of 6 and observing social distancing.

Members must bring their own refreshments , and take away anything they bring. There are bins provided but they are largely for PPE – the kitchen will not be available

Moving around 

Social distance – must be observed and where possible a one way system.



A staggered exit – again note the pinch points, through the same exits through which you entered.

We must not ‘mingle’  so staying within the same group of six keeps us within the regulations .


LN/ LJ Sept 2020 updated Sept 17th

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