Opera Hat recordings – please email to Laurel by 22 March

Hope you’re all working on your recordings of Opera Hat.

The deadline for getting your recording to Laurel is 22 March.

Laurel has now put the arrangement sheet for Opera Hat on the website – can be found here.

Instructions for recording:

The guide audio for Opera Hat is up! Deadline for recordings is 22nd March. Email to swiftlj@gmail.com 

There are 2 identical versions – but one has a metronome. I’d recommend using that one.The intro is accordion only, but I would suggest all melody players play it too, to ‘hit the ground running’ for the first A part – unless it confuses you! I will cut this out later to leave accordion. 

 You can download this audio from soundcloud, the option is hidden in the ‘…more’ button. Have the guide track in headphones and record yourself playing along on phone, computer, or fancy kit! Good luck!

 With Metronomehttps://soundcloud.com/laurel-2/opera-hat-guide-w-metronome

Without Metronomehttps://soundcloud.com/laurel-2/opera-hat-guide-no-click

Thank youLaurel

PS. As requested easier to read parts for Enrico can be found here.

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