Trendlewood Community Festival, Nailsea, Saturday 28 August

Some extra info about parking from Pat: The Station Road car park and the large shopping centre car park on Stockway South are both free. To reach the festival from them walk diagonally across the Scotch Horn car park, cross the road, Nailsea Park, to reach the school.

Here are the salient points for Saturday’s gig:

  1. If you wish to play and have not notified Liz, please do so immediately by email
  2. If you wish to attend the kitchen rehearsal on Friday 27th at 7 p.m., please also let Liz know.
  3. We are third in the lineup.  Meeting at 1 p.m., setting up on stage from 1:15 p.m., playing from 1:30 to 2 p.m.  Venue details are on the TFC website
  4. Parking is at a premium:  You can unload in the disabled car park spaces and a small number of vehicles may be able to park in the stallholders’ car park, but we are strongly discouraged from doing so by the organisers.  I researched parking:  There are 2 hours of free parking in the Clevedon Road (300 spaces) and Station Road (250 spaces) public car parks and there may be spaces on Nailsea Park further up the road.  The surrounding side streets are residential with drive ways and do not seem to lend themselves to parking.  I strongly suggest that you car share.  Personally, I am considering going by public transport:  the X9 runs half hourly from Bristol Bus Station, Bay 11, dept times on Saturday are 1145 and 1215 hours, arriving at Nailsea The Perrings, 35 minutes later.  From there it is a shortish walk of about a km to the site.  Return time from The Perrings are on 29 and 59 past the hour throughout the afternoon.
  5. There is an amended playlist agreed between Liz and Laurel which is as follows. Items in square brackets may be omitted, depending on acoustics and the perceived nature of the audience.
  1. Summer (Opera ) Hats AA BB x3 Intro: Clarinet
  2. [Liz: Welcome]
  3. Fred Pigeon ‘s Triumph x3: Intro 8 bars . Brass / Guitar Liz or another
  4. [The perils of dancing: William Prynne, 1633]
  5. Oats & Beans x 4 bar intro (accordions?) 
  6. Captain Money /Wednesday Night. AABB x4 Intro: Clarinet
  7. Washing Day: 1,2,Alt Bx4; Build: 1,2. Lyn counts Straight in
  8. [Liz: Link The difference between country dances and the other sort ..]
  9. [Colin: The evils of the waltz]
  10. WW Waltz AB x 4 ; Intro: Fiddles / Boxes
  11. Up in the morning AABB / Captain Dyke /AABC x3 Intro: Lyn/ Tony 8 beats
  12. Band and Singers: Let Union Be: Liz counts: Singers a capella .

Long Ashton Schottische x 3 Intro: Autoharp
Bath Carnival x4: Intro: concertinas 4 bars
Banbury Bill x3 plus coda: Intro: accordions 2 bars

See you on Saturday

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