BVB and Badger Set concert, Friday 25 February

Kitchen Practice confirmed for Thursday 24 February. Please let Liz know if you are coming.

Performance timing for Friday:

  • 6.00pm Band arrive
  • 6.10pm Warm up and Briggy briefing
  • 6.30pm Brigstowe depart stage – please leave as much gear as possible on stage
  • 6.30pm Badger Set to set up (see notes below)
  • 6.45pm Refreshments
  • 7.10pm Audience arrives – Brigstowe sit in gallery or back of hall to avoid stairs
  • 7.30pm Concert starts

NB. Badger Set will need to start setting up by 6.30pm to ensure everything is in place before audience arrives.

Badger Set will be arranged on two levels so will need the area towards the front of the top step. We are likely to set up in the same area. Badger Set will need to move the Brigstowe chairs and stands back when they set up.

What to wear

the transition is Winter to Spring so please wear winter rather than summer hats. Yellows / greens / white flowers – I think I may put in a bit of red for winter. look as glorious as you always do.

What to bring

The lighting is good but just in case bring stand lights if you have them.

looking forward to this long anticipated event.


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