Three Villages Jubilee, Saturday 4 June

Saturday June 4th . 3 Villages Jubilee

First – thanks to all who have pulled so well to get this gig and the next one at 3 villages , off the ground.

If it is wet we will be in a large Barn 

Before we begin to play : Please be pro active ( under Lyn’s guidance ) and arrange your chairs as Laurel arranged us in a mob- not a line â€“ you must be able to see/ hear others- make eye contact !

We will tune upand hopefully have a warm up ( depends how many audience people are around – we don’t want to reveal our secrets too soon ! )  â€“ Helston / Portsmouth


Opera Hat is x4; Rose Waltz is played by a small group. If you don’t know about it , it is not you !

I would like to spend 5mins mins taking you through the programme / playlist for any changes / questions . No playing at this point.

Timing is difficult to judge; some items may be cut for example dancing, some may be repeated 

Gather at the end briefly those who are playing on 18th June for Festival of the Earth ( same playlist ) – we won’t see each other before then and a quich check will save e mails   and help Lyn who is ‘fronting’ . 

Let Lyn know if there are any joining / leaving of your plans for 18th that have changed 

18thJune : Festival of the Earth ( 17 ish)

Fiddles: Fritjof, Pauline , Dai, John M , John P

Accordions: Pat: Roland,

Concertina: ?

Melodeon: Mary

Wind: Pete ??: Maureen possibly Judy and Meg

Brass :Ed, Steve

Chords: Lyn.

Bass: Heather J, Angela,

Double Bass: Colin

Percussion: Bobby

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