Portishead Senior Forum – Final Setlist

Attached is the playlist for Wednesday. Please note changes and mark your parts. I hope we have time to gather our thoughts and read quickly  through the playlist before we start – but if we do it will be very public because space in limited 

As usual timing is a concern . If we start late I will cut a tune from the beginning – if we are running late at the end we may have to lose a song or speed the dance up ! But that’s showbiz!

I have the following on the list to play . If you are coming and your name is not listed PLEASE let me or Lyn know so we have the correct seating .

Fritjof; Dai; Gill; Pauline ; John M.

Heather M; Roland; Mary ; Mike ( bass concertina or Helicon )

Tony : Chris ; Lyn

Maureen; Pete; Judy ?, Meg Innocent

Colin; Angela ; Liz ; Heather J.

Looking forward to Wednesday .

Best wishes


For those playing up Portishead Seniors on November 16th

The current   organiser of events    has stepped down and conditions have changed . The caretaker does not open the doors until 1.30 

They have also turned the seating arrangements around so that we use the length of the hall not the width .

In theory the BVB programme begins at 2.30pm.

best wishes


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