Nova Scotia, Sunday 30 April 2023 and Kitchen Rehearsal on Thursday 4 May


Dear Brigstowe Band

It is looking as if the sun is going to smile on us on Sunday at the Nova Scotia.11.30-12.30

Looking forward to seeing ; Pauline , Dai, Sal; Pete; Judy; Heather M ;Pat; Helen; Lyn ; Tony; Chris; Colin ; Liz; Angela ;  Bobby and Briggy   !

Change of plan – forget band clothes – just dress up in warm layers and put flowers on music stands and hats if you are wearing them.

Bring a chair . Tea and coffee will be provided courtesy of Lyn

The list is as for   St Pauls / St Stephens provisional,  and will be chosen from this list and this order .

We will need to check   before we start  that we have a good tune line for each piece

I thought we might put a hat down and collect for Southmead Hospital

Bring some friends to cheer .

Cancellation by 9.30 if it tips with unexpected rain 

Padstow May Day Song  –  words attached play along or sing

St Keverne’s Feast x3 :

Saltash x 4 : Intro: Fiddles: Sal counting  

Recruiting Officer ; Intro Basses Liz counts

 New Royal Quickstep x3 : Boxes : 

 All in a Garden Green X4 ; Fiddles: 

29th May X 5: Intro: Wind :

Band : Fairy Prince x4 Intro: Basses.

Sweets of May x3: Intro: Wind/ Boxes 

Tide Coming In x4: Intro: chords: Tony counts 

Banbury Bill x3 Band plays 2 verses : Briggy dances for final verse 

 Rogues March x4 Intro: percussion : Bobby 

Singers  ( all 3 of us !)  Nelson’s Blood

Kitchen Rehearsal Thursday May 4th 7.00 pm at 23 The Crescent ( LA and Pill not available )

The following are signed up for the Kitchen Rehearsal

Fritjof, Pat, Meg, Mary , Heather M, Maureen , Lyn, Tony, Helen,  Jenny . Colin, Heather J ; Mike ,

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