Young at Heart Club, Bradley Stoke, Thursday 12 May 2022

I don’t always write to band members after a gig but felt I wanted to express thanks to the 15 stalwart players plus Chris M who turned out to play this gig in pleasant surroundings to an elderly audience who were very appreciative and particularly amused by the “Benny Hill’ antics of Briggy.

The majority of the pieces were played with real spirit and pizaz and where we faltered the difficulty was temporary, we kept our nerve and completed well. The blips are all part of us developing our ‘performance muscles’ and see where we have to change led by a new musical director.

It was lively and spirited.

YAH are making a good donation to band funds.

Well done.

Best wishes


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BVB rehearsal Sunday 24 April 2022

We will be welcoming Alison to her first rehearsal as our new musical director on Sunday 24 April, 2-4pm, Pavilion, Long Ashton Village Hall.

Alison has put the list of tunes to be played here.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Shorter list of tunes for Brigstowe session, Friday 8 April

Here is a shorter list of tines:

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Brigstowe Session, Friday 8th April, 7-9pm, Pill Memorial Club

Dear BVB member

Before our first rehearsal with Alison on April 24th, we are running a Brigstowe ‘session’ focussing on some of the tunes (see attached list) that we have not visited for some time.

We want to ascertain how quickly BVB is able to pick them up with a view to inclusion in future programmes.

The session will take place on Friday April 8th from 7-9pm


Pill Memorial Club, 1 Lodway, Pill, Bristol. BS20 0DH

There is good parking.

Please let me know if you can come. We can’t cover all the tunes listed. Nearer the time I will send a selection.

It should be a fun and useful play in anticipation of the summer.

Best wishes


List of tunes:

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Postponement of Young at Heart Club gig (Thursday 24 March 2022)

The gig at the Young at Heart Club on Thursday 24 March has been postponed.

This means the planned kitchen rehearsal on Friday 18th March has been cancelled.

Any questions to Liz (

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Young at Heart Club, Thursday 24 March 2022

There will be a kitchen rehearsal on Friday 18 March 7-9pm at 23, The Crescent BS9 4RP for the gig on Thursday 24 March at the Young at Heart Club, St Theresa;s Church, Bradley Stoke.

We will be practicing the following tunes which were all played at the Badger Set gig in February. It is a shorter programme so I have taken some tunes out.

Laurel will not be rehearsing the pieces for the Young at Heart gig at the rehearsal on April 20th as we have agreed that she focusses on the newer pieces that she will be passing on to Alison.

I would be grateful if you could mail me to let me know if you can come to the kitchen pracyice on the 18th.

Best wishes


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BVB and Badger Set concert, Friday 25 February

Kitchen Practice confirmed for Thursday 24 February. Please let Liz know if you are coming.

Performance timing for Friday:

  • 6.00pm Band arrive
  • 6.10pm Warm up and Briggy briefing
  • 6.30pm Brigstowe depart stage – please leave as much gear as possible on stage
  • 6.30pm Badger Set to set up (see notes below)
  • 6.45pm Refreshments
  • 7.10pm Audience arrives – Brigstowe sit in gallery or back of hall to avoid stairs
  • 7.30pm Concert starts

NB. Badger Set will need to start setting up by 6.30pm to ensure everything is in place before audience arrives.

Badger Set will be arranged on two levels so will need the area towards the front of the top step. We are likely to set up in the same area. Badger Set will need to move the Brigstowe chairs and stands back when they set up.

What to wear

the transition is Winter to Spring so please wear winter rather than summer hats. Yellows / greens / white flowers – I think I may put in a bit of red for winter. look as glorious as you always do.

What to bring

The lighting is good but just in case bring stand lights if you have them.

looking forward to this long anticipated event.


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BVB Workshop Day, Sunday 6 March 2022

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BAWA gig Tuesday 18 January 2022

Details for BAWA gig Tuesday Jan 18th.


The Ballroom.

Southmead Rd

BS34 7RG

There is a large carpark, disabled access to the rear of the building.

There is a reception desk.

Organiser Hazel Pearson

Arrive 1.30pm

Play 2.15-3.15pm

Audience will be arriving from 1.30 as well as us. Liz, Lyn and Chris will be there from 1.15pm

We have a space allotted to us within the ballroom, to the Right of the stage. Drinks and biscuits will be there.

Bags can also be stored in a room behind, to the right of the stage.

We are performing in the middle of the ballroom.

Liz will be bringing screens which we hope will deflect our fantastic sounds forwards to the audience.

Immediately afterwards they will be playing Bingo, so pack up will need to be quiet and swift.

Setting up should also be quietly done. There may be time for a quick run through of a tune and of course tuning.

Chairs will have names on them. Try not to move them around.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment,

Lyn ‘Gigger’

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BVB Rehearsal Sunday 16 January 2022

Happy New Year.

The next BVB rehearsal with Laurel will be on Sunday 16 January, 2-4pm, Pavilion, Long Ashton.

We will be preparing for the BAWA gig on Tuesday 18 January. Details of the gig can be found here.

The provisional playlist for BAWA can be found here. Tunes are the same as St Stephens but the narrative is now for a Wassail event.

As the gig will be longer than St Stephens we will also play Hogmanay Jig, Winter (Opera) Hats and Carl Wark.

Intros will be confirmed at the kitchen practice on Friday or at Sundays rehearsal.

Please bring all the music for these tunes to Sundays rehearsal plus King Bramble


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