Briggy our ‘hoss’ taking part in Sidmouth Folk festival Horse Trials Sunday 5 August

A message from Briggy our ‘hoss’:

IMG_2534‘As you know I am a central member of BVB and I will be representing you at Sidmouth.

I am writing to announce that I am entering the Sidmouth Folk Festival Horse Trials taking place on Sunday 5 August at 2pm (probably until 3.30) at The Hub (at the end of the Prom) in Sidmouth, Devon. Just ask anyone and they will direct you.

I hope I am able to exhibit all the star qualities that I know you have come to know and love from my performances with you. I am likely to be asked to dance, possibly to the fiddle of Helen Price, and compete a strenuous gymkhana like course. In addition I will have to answer some hard questions about World Peace.

As you know I am an expert in all of this.

I shall be wearing my finest harness made by Mary Kear and Chris Newman and will be a sight to behold.

There is a prize awarded by Aardman animations which I plan to win.

If you are in Sidmouth for the Folk Festival please come and cheer me on. I shall be signing autographs.’

With best wishes


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BVB rehearsal Sunday 15 July, 2 – 4.30pm

BVB rehearsal this Sunday (15July), 2-4.30 pm, Long Ashton Community Centre.

Matt has posted a list of tunes to be played here.

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Grittleton Cricket Club, Saturday 7 July, 5pm – 6.45pm (arrive 4.30pm)i

There will be a practice for Grittleton on Friday 6July, 7.30pm in the Youth Hall, Long Ashton.

The final Setlist and Running order can be found here.

Message from Mike:

The Grittleton gig is approaching fast ! There is a small complication in that England also have a world cup quarter final on Saturday afternoon, and for this reason there is a tweak to the arrangements so that we are now not starting playing until 5, or perhaps later if the match goes to extra time and penalties. The football will be on in the village hall at Grittelton and we will follow on and play afterwards, maybe in the hall or maybe in a marquee.

We’re planning two 30-40 minute sets, with a short gap between, so should finish at 6.30-6.45 or a bit later if the football goes into extra time. Matt will lead the music, which should make it particularly special. Helen has put the set list up on the website, and Matt has organised a running order, which is attached, and which should also go on the website later.

If you look at you will find details of Saturday’s celebrations at Grittleton Cricket Club. It looks like a lovely event.

I hope everyone who committed to the gig can still attend. I’d be grateful if you would let me know as soon as possible if that’s not the case. I’m happy to share my contact details with you, although the new data rules make it more difficult for me to obtain yours ! Email address and phone number sent in previous email. Any problems on the day or in advance please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to seeing some of you in the Youth Hall at Long Ashton on Friday (tomorrow) at 7.30 and then at Grittleton at say 4.30/4.40 for a 5.00 pm start on Saturday (or earlier if you want to watch the football in the hall). The address is: The Street, Grittleton, Wiltshire, SN14 6AW


Best wishes


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Possible new date for the diary – Saturday 8 September, Street Party, Clift Road, Ashton, approx 4pm

Sarah has a street party in Clift Road every year in Ashton near the Riverside Garden Centre. She thinks the band would go down really well and the residents of the 3 streets are all great fun and love the idea of BVB and dancing/dressing up.
They have pencilled in a date of 8th September so wondering if enough people are available. Again, we were thinking of about 4pm to play for up to an hour. Lots going on and BBQ straight afterwards.
We can put a bucket out and they have a small fund collected from residents to add to this.

Please email if you can do it and we’ll see if enough people are available.

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West Somerset Folk Festival, Carhampton, Saturday 30 June 2018, 2.15 – 3.45pm

Message from Fritjof:

‘Dear fellow Brigstowe Banditos,

Thank you for volunteering for playing at the WSFF. Our slot is from 2.15 to 3.45 and we shall play in the Main Hall. The adjacent Long Hall will be available from 12 noon for lunch (please bring your own), tuning up and a short practice.

We’ll have to play our gig very much by ear, depending on how keen people are to dance. I attach a sort of plan: BVB programme WSFF. On the day, Anne our caller, will tell us what type of music she wants for each dance, and we’ll select from the list. The number of repeats will be variable.

In addition there will be listening pieces and solos. If anyone else would like a spot in the limelight and contribute a solo piece, please let me know.

The provisional plan is the sequence listening piece – dance – listening piece, but we’ll see how it pans out. The attachment should explain my thoughts. Any suggestions for improvements / additions are welcome, but please do NOT suggest the Helston Furry Dance.

The music for ‘Man in the Moon’ and ‘Percy Brown’ have now been put on the website. Sheet music for ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ can be found here: Pop Goes the Weasel.



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Thank you message from Rookery Farm

Message from Heather:

‘For those of you who played at Rookery Farm, Paddy phoned me to say a massive thank you for playing at her open garden event. She thought the band was just perfect for the occasion. She enjoyed listening to us and had lots of favourable comments from other people. The event raised just over £1000 for Weston Hospice Care.’


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Southmead Hospital Buskathon, Friday 15 June 2018, 12 noon (please arrive at 11.45)

Mary has provided the following information about the Southmead Hospital Buskathon on Friday 15 June:

Southmead Buskathon 2018

The setlist can be found here.

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