BVB and Badgerset gig, Portishead, Friday 24 February

Flyer for our 24th Feb gig. If you have anyone who would like tickets give John (Mills)  a call, or you can book on line. John will also have tickets with him at the next rehearsal (cash, card machine  or cheque) If you have any contacts – folk groups, folkie interested people, family and so whom you think may be interested, John  would be very grateful for details to be passed on. All profits go to charity.

Many thanks


 07976 280 149

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Nailsea Local History Society, Monday 12 December 2022

Nailsea Local History Society . Monday December 12th

1.The following people have signed up to play for seating purposes  please let Liz or Lyn know if this is not accurate 

Fritjof; Gill; John M; Sal; John L ( unless snow in Alps!)

Pete; Maureen

Judy; Meg;

Heather; Roland; Mary; Harry;

Tony ;Lyn; Chris;


Angela; Heather J; Liz


2.Bring music stand lights 

3.Dress code for gigs (see photos of band  on website for guidance)

Dress as Victorian working people. Please let the steering group know if you have problems as we have a few spare hats and waistcoats.

  • basically yellow / green (… shades of) against black / white; red at Christmas 

Black trousers or skirt / white shirt or blouse / black, green or yellow waistcoat (optional), necktie (optional).

Winter hats – bowler, or top– decorated. We have some bonnets for ladies 

Music stands decorated with tinsel / flowers if possible

Finally … We have a wonderful large group of players , Let’s make it a Christmas playing to remember !

Break a leg 


PS Bon voyage to Pauline and Chris Mapp who are heading for Spain until Easter and Gill and Alastair Kendall who are off to Australia..  have a great time and send us a postcard !

Nailsea Playlist:

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Portishead Senior Forum – Final Setlist

Attached is the playlist for Wednesday. Please note changes and mark your parts. I hope we have time to gather our thoughts and read quickly  through the playlist before we start – but if we do it will be very public because space in limited 

As usual timing is a concern . If we start late I will cut a tune from the beginning – if we are running late at the end we may have to lose a song or speed the dance up ! But that’s showbiz!

I have the following on the list to play . If you are coming and your name is not listed PLEASE let me or Lyn know so we have the correct seating .

Fritjof; Dai; Gill; Pauline ; John M.

Heather M; Roland; Mary ; Mike ( bass concertina or Helicon )

Tony : Chris ; Lyn

Maureen; Pete; Judy ?, Meg Innocent

Colin; Angela ; Liz ; Heather J.

Looking forward to Wednesday .

Best wishes


For those playing up Portishead Seniors on November 16th

The current   organiser of events    has stepped down and conditions have changed . The caretaker does not open the doors until 1.30 

They have also turned the seating arrangements around so that we use the length of the hall not the width .

In theory the BVB programme begins at 2.30pm.

best wishes


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Portishead Senior Forum, Wednesday 16 November 2022

Wednesday 16 November Portishead Senior Forum,

The Folk Hall, 95 High St, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6PR

Please arrive just after 2.15 

We will set up while Portishead members are having 25minute break for refreshments and raffle,..

Main performance 2-45pm -3.45 

Hall closes at 4.00 pm 

Wear autumn /winter outfits – with decorated stands .

Come changed and ready as there are limited changing facilities at the Folk Hall – loo only , or an area they will block off at the end of the hall. The spare room in which we waited last time has been hired out

Car parking 

There is a car park opposite the Folk Hall. I will leave it to you to decide when is the best time to arrive in order to secure a place!

-or ynl public bus from Bristol

Note from David Campbell the organiser .

The meeting starts at 2pm and the committee members arrive in the Folk Hall from 1-30pm.  So any band member who is there before 2pm can also sort themselves out. 

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Newark Park, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Dear BVB

On Wednesday we play Newark Park starting at 5.30 please arrive around 4.45. 

Information below has been up-dated  following discussion with the organiser and supersedes what is currently on the website

You can draw up in front of the house  un-load then move your car back to the car park 


  •  Band play 5.30pm  – 6.15pm
  •  Short break 6.15-6.30pm:  speeches and award presentation
  •  Band play 6.30pm /7.15pm

If the weather is suitable, we will play on the lawn on the south terrace (the back of the house overlooking the amazing view,

We are playing background music . No words . No Briggy 

In the unlikely event of rain we will be inside the house in the entrance hall. This may also apply to sun  

We will largely be seated  

The marquee will be the band base. It is lockable and there is plenty of space on the lawn close by to picnic.

Attached is the latest rehearsal list for Tuesday 12th . ( 7 pm Long Ashton )   The final list will be mailed out after the rehearsal 

best wishes,


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National Trust Volunteers Party, Newark Park, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Dear BVB players for   Newark Park.

Attached is the provisional playlist / intros for Newark Park on Wednesday, July 13.. It is as complete as I can make it at present 

As you know we are providing background music.  The tunes were are playing are summer repertoire   largely, with which you are familiar

To provide interest I have ordered tunes in a way that where ever possible contrasting rhythms and keys provide some variety . There will be no linking words 

I have yet to receive the exact timing of the program from Jo the organiser- there will be breaks, some of them for speeches of thanks to the NT volunteers .

When I have received the timing from Jo I may make some small adjustments to the list 

The National Trust are giving us a donation of £60 for this performance and refreshments look forward to what should be a lovely gig 

Hopefully see as many as possible at the rehearsal on Tuesday 12th at Long Ashton . If you are free that evening – even if you are not playing Newark Park – feel free to come 

Best wishes


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Setlist for Three Greens Festival of the Earth, Emersons Green, Saturday 18 June

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Three Villages Jubilee, Saturday 4 June

Saturday June 4th . 3 Villages Jubilee

First – thanks to all who have pulled so well to get this gig and the next one at 3 villages , off the ground.

If it is wet we will be in a large Barn 

Before we begin to play : Please be pro active ( under Lyn’s guidance ) and arrange your chairs as Laurel arranged us in a mob- not a line – you must be able to see/ hear others- make eye contact !

We will tune upand hopefully have a warm up ( depends how many audience people are around – we don’t want to reveal our secrets too soon ! )  – Helston / Portsmouth


Opera Hat is x4; Rose Waltz is played by a small group. If you don’t know about it , it is not you !

I would like to spend 5mins mins taking you through the programme / playlist for any changes / questions . No playing at this point.

Timing is difficult to judge; some items may be cut for example dancing, some may be repeated 

Gather at the end briefly those who are playing on 18th June for Festival of the Earth ( same playlist ) – we won’t see each other before then and a quich check will save e mails   and help Lyn who is ‘fronting’ . 

Let Lyn know if there are any joining / leaving of your plans for 18th that have changed 

18thJune : Festival of the Earth ( 17 ish)

Fiddles: Fritjof, Pauline , Dai, John M , John P

Accordions: Pat: Roland,

Concertina: ?

Melodeon: Mary

Wind: Pete ??: Maureen possibly Judy and Meg

Brass :Ed, Steve

Chords: Lyn.

Bass: Heather J, Angela,

Double Bass: Colin

Percussion: Bobby

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Setlist for Three Villages Festival, Saturday 4 June 2022

Dear BVB players 

Attached is the final playlist for Saturday

With the cancellation of the Stoke Gifford Village gig – where Alison was to play with us ,we have effectively lost our ‘ dress rehearsal “

So it is important to read the playlist carefully, there have been changes following the ‘kitchen practice’ last Friday . Changes are also the reason for reading Alison’s notes following the last rehearsal

Check intros . Particularly those playing .. Fritjof; Pat, Roland, Heather M Pete; Lead player is indicated in bold – where no lead player is indicated work together ! Any queries please mail Liz before   Saturday.

It’s been a challenge writing this program, Platinum Jubilee’s is don’t come round every day of the year ( mercifully I hear you cry ) but  they are a nice crowd , and we can make a good fist of this one .

I hope we get a chance to assemble and go through the playlist/ programme ( (without playing ) before we start 

see you there 


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Three Villages Festival, Saturday 4 June 2022

Friday 27 May 2022 ‘Kitchen’ Rehearsal for the Jubilee gig at the 3 villages on June 4th, 7-9pm, Pill Memorial Club, 1 Lodway, Pill, 

Bristol, BS20 0DH.

So far 6 people have indicated they intend to come . Now that we are booking a hall there is a cost implication and we should have at least 10 to make it worthwhile.

Please email Liz if you intend to come to the rehearsal.  Attached here is the provisional rehearsal list  


Details for the Three Villages Gig known so far, more to follow

Arrive :3pm to set up/ microphone for speaking voices , check  

Play : 4pm -5.15 ( shorter time than originally proposed).The organisers then want to take a photo of the village participants ( not us !)

Hog Roast:  6 ish 

Postcode : SN147JL: this covers a wide area .


It’s a very nice, bucolic outdoor venue . They are contributing £100 to band funds and have invited us to be guests at their hog roast – some of you may remember the refreshments that were provided at the harvest festival at St Mary’s – related group

best wishes


PS The previous ‘ session’ in this hall was very useful in identifying repertoire we want to pursue with Alison. Given our busy calendar I don’t think we can have another until August , but I would be grateful if members can look at their diaries and see if they are provisionally available on Friday August 5th or 12th 7- 9 pm 

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