Setlist with cues for Coronation Bank Holiday gig

Dear BVB 

Attached is a playlist with cues

Some of you may prefer to follow this – some of you may just prefer to follow the list of tunes- either should work.

Looking forward to Monday. 

Best Liz

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Audience needed for our Coronation Bank Holiday gig on Monday 8 May

Dear Brigstowe band attached is a flyer for May 8’s gig we need an audience!

Please mail out/give out hardcopies/ whats app – any means you have available – to anyone you think will be interested

You will note there are 3 to an A4 sheet of you use hard copies  

–with thanks, Liz

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Nova Scotia, Sunday 30 April 2023 and Kitchen Rehearsal on Thursday 4 May


Dear Brigstowe Band

It is looking as if the sun is going to smile on us on Sunday at the Nova Scotia.11.30-12.30

Looking forward to seeing ; Pauline , Dai, Sal; Pete; Judy; Heather M ;Pat; Helen; Lyn ; Tony; Chris; Colin ; Liz; Angela ;  Bobby and Briggy   !

Change of plan – forget band clothes – just dress up in warm layers and put flowers on music stands and hats if you are wearing them.

Bring a chair . Tea and coffee will be provided courtesy of Lyn

The list is as for   St Pauls / St Stephens provisional,  and will be chosen from this list and this order .

We will need to check   before we start  that we have a good tune line for each piece

I thought we might put a hat down and collect for Southmead Hospital

Bring some friends to cheer .

Cancellation by 9.30 if it tips with unexpected rain 

Padstow May Day Song  –  words attached play along or sing

St Keverne’s Feast x3 :

Saltash x 4 : Intro: Fiddles: Sal counting  

Recruiting Officer ; Intro Basses Liz counts

 New Royal Quickstep x3 : Boxes : 

 All in a Garden Green X4 ; Fiddles: 

29th May X 5: Intro: Wind :

Band : Fairy Prince x4 Intro: Basses.

Sweets of May x3: Intro: Wind/ Boxes 

Tide Coming In x4: Intro: chords: Tony counts 

Banbury Bill x3 Band plays 2 verses : Briggy dances for final verse 

 Rogues March x4 Intro: percussion : Bobby 

Singers  ( all 3 of us !)  Nelson’s Blood

Kitchen Rehearsal Thursday May 4th 7.00 pm at 23 The Crescent ( LA and Pill not available )

The following are signed up for the Kitchen Rehearsal

Fritjof, Pat, Meg, Mary , Heather M, Maureen , Lyn, Tony, Helen,  Jenny . Colin, Heather J ; Mike ,

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Sunday 30 April, Bristol Folk Weekend, playing outside Nova Scotia

We are hoping that enough band members would like to play as part of the Folk Weekend.

Date: 30/04/23 (Sunday)

Place: outside the Nova Scotia pub, Cumberland Basin.

Time proposed, 11.30am -12.30pm

We will play the set list for the May St Stephen’s/Paul’s gig.

You will need to bring a chair, or arrange for someone else to. or stand.

Plus all you usually bring in order to play.

Parking under the flyover but it is within the Zone.

Liz will finalise details at the rehearsal on Sunday.

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Folk Costume exhibition at Compton Verney

The EFDSS magazine this month ( available at our next rehearsal  ) features ‘Making Mischief  ‘ an exhibition of folk costumes at Compton Verney  gallery. Compton Verney, Warwickshire, CV35 9HZ


Chris and I went last Wednesday – the drive took us about 90   minutes from BS9 and it was an absolute treat. Just two large gallery rooms of films , costumes , models , photos .

Particularly with our  ‘Mayday’ gig in view on May 8th it offers  lots of ideas for  jazzing  up your Brighstowe ‘Kit ‘and making  a real splash.

Highly recommended


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Thank you to all who took part in BVB and Badgerset gig

Message from John Mills:

Final total raised for charity was a whopping £974.62. A great big thank you to the Band for a great concert. Many lovely comments came back.



Here are YouTube links to videos of the concert. Many thanks to Chris Chaloner.

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BVB and Badgerset gig, Portishead, Friday 24 February

Flyer for our 24th Feb gig. If you have anyone who would like tickets give John (Mills)  a call, or you can book on line. John will also have tickets with him at the next rehearsal (cash, card machine  or cheque) If you have any contacts – folk groups, folkie interested people, family and so whom you think may be interested, John  would be very grateful for details to be passed on. All profits go to charity.

Many thanks


 07976 280 149

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Nailsea Local History Society, Monday 12 December 2022

Nailsea Local History Society . Monday December 12th

1.The following people have signed up to play for seating purposes  please let Liz or Lyn know if this is not accurate 

Fritjof; Gill; John M; Sal; John L ( unless snow in Alps!)

Pete; Maureen

Judy; Meg;

Heather; Roland; Mary; Harry;

Tony ;Lyn; Chris;


Angela; Heather J; Liz


2.Bring music stand lights 

3.Dress code for gigs (see photos of band  on website for guidance)

Dress as Victorian working people. Please let the steering group know if you have problems as we have a few spare hats and waistcoats.

  • basically yellow / green (… shades of) against black / white; red at Christmas 

Black trousers or skirt / white shirt or blouse / black, green or yellow waistcoat (optional), necktie (optional).

Winter hats – bowler, or top– decorated. We have some bonnets for ladies 

Music stands decorated with tinsel / flowers if possible

Finally … We have a wonderful large group of players , Let’s make it a Christmas playing to remember !

Break a leg 


PS Bon voyage to Pauline and Chris Mapp who are heading for Spain until Easter and Gill and Alastair Kendall who are off to Australia..  have a great time and send us a postcard !

Nailsea Playlist:

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Portishead Senior Forum – Final Setlist

Attached is the playlist for Wednesday. Please note changes and mark your parts. I hope we have time to gather our thoughts and read quickly  through the playlist before we start – but if we do it will be very public because space in limited 

As usual timing is a concern . If we start late I will cut a tune from the beginning – if we are running late at the end we may have to lose a song or speed the dance up ! But that’s showbiz!

I have the following on the list to play . If you are coming and your name is not listed PLEASE let me or Lyn know so we have the correct seating .

Fritjof; Dai; Gill; Pauline ; John M.

Heather M; Roland; Mary ; Mike ( bass concertina or Helicon )

Tony : Chris ; Lyn

Maureen; Pete; Judy ?, Meg Innocent

Colin; Angela ; Liz ; Heather J.

Looking forward to Wednesday .

Best wishes


For those playing up Portishead Seniors on November 16th

The current   organiser of events    has stepped down and conditions have changed . The caretaker does not open the doors until 1.30 

They have also turned the seating arrangements around so that we use the length of the hall not the width .

In theory the BVB programme begins at 2.30pm.

best wishes


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Portishead Senior Forum, Wednesday 16 November 2022

Wednesday 16 November Portishead Senior Forum,

The Folk Hall, 95 High St, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6PR

Please arrive just after 2.15 

We will set up while Portishead members are having 25minute break for refreshments and raffle,..

Main performance 2-45pm -3.45 

Hall closes at 4.00 pm 

Wear autumn /winter outfits – with decorated stands .

Come changed and ready as there are limited changing facilities at the Folk Hall – loo only , or an area they will block off at the end of the hall. The spare room in which we waited last time has been hired out

Car parking 

There is a car park opposite the Folk Hall. I will leave it to you to decide when is the best time to arrive in order to secure a place!

-or ynl public bus from Bristol

Note from David Campbell the organiser .

The meeting starts at 2pm and the committee members arrive in the Folk Hall from 1-30pm.  So any band member who is there before 2pm can also sort themselves out. 

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