Next virtual BVB rehearsal Sunday 14 June

The next virtual zoom BVB rehearsal will be 2pm on Sunday 14 June.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Please see message below from Liz about the format of the rehearsal:

Dear Brigstowe members

With members approval, steerers propose a differently focussed rehearsal  on Sunday

We are going to attempt  to produce an audio visual  presentation  for internal consumption only . We have two possible approaches

 Plan A

We rehearse a  tune- chosen  from Laurel’s suggestions of   Banbury Bill  or  a SW tune – maybe Wet Weather – maybe WW96 – maybe the new one, Loose Petticoats
or something really safe and popular like Opera Hat

Laurel records a guide and sends it to everyone.  Much like the zoom rehearsal where you only hear her  and yourself.

Everyone wears headphones to hear the guide and makes a recording on a separate device (e.g. play audio from computer via headphones, record on phone)

Everyone sends their audio to Laurel who mixes it to make one file that sounds just like the whole band.

Laurel sends the finished audio to everyone

Everyone films themselves playing their part – including smiling whilst playing and dancing/ listening along in the rests

Everyone sends the film to Laurel – or someone else if someone else wants to do it!

Laurel – or someone else – makes a video to accompany the audio

The final thing would look like one of those recordings of an orchestra or choir that have been doing the rounds!

Plan B  for discussion at ‘ break time on Sunday

Individual / small group performances .

Tunes on a theme, songs , words, dancing  . Max length 3 mins for each ‘performance ‘ .  An initial run of about half an hour .

To be assembled by Lyn , John M and possibly Chris Chaloner .

Please note: We will be practicing the tune during the rehearsal and then, afterwards at our leisure, make the recording while listening to Laurel’s guide track. We will then send it to Laurel.

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Next Virtual BVB rehearsal Sunday 31 May

The next BVB virtual zoom rehearsal will be on Sunday 31 May.

Hopefully the technology will be kinder to us than last time.

Laurel has put the list of tunes to be played here.

Look out for an email with the zoom link.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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More virtual rehearsals planned – dates for your diary

Thank you to everyone who has supported our virtual zoom rehearsals. They have been very successful and a really enjoyable couple of hours in these strange times.

Thank you very much to the 25 people who have already paid their subs for this term. This means we can continue to have virtual zoom rehearsals led by Laurel every two weeks.

We are happy to support anyone who feels unable to pay subs at this time. It would be helpful to let Chris (treasurer) know. Such notification will be treated in confidence.

Please log in to the next BVB virtual zoom rehearsals on Sunday May 17th, May 31st, June 14th and June 28th.

All our May and June gigs have now been cancelled ( with the exception of Feed Bristol which is still provisional).

Look forward to seeing everyone on May 17th

Best Wishes

Liz – for the Steering Committee


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Virtual BVB Rehearsal Sunday 3 May

There will be another Virtual Zoom BVB Rehearsal on Sunday 3 May.  Please see document below for details.

Next rehearsal

Looks forward to seeing you there.

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Thanks to all who took part in the BVB Virtual Rehearsal Sunday 19 April

Thank you to all who took part in the BVB Virtual Rehearsal today and many thanks to Laurel for working so hard to make it a success.

John Mills took a great photo of us all – thank you John.


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Virtual BVB rehearsal Sunday 19 April

There will be a virtual BVB rehearsal hosted on by Laurel using Zoom on Sunday 19 April.

More information from Laurel can be found here.

Look forward to seeing lots of you on Sunday.

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St Stephen’s concerts isolation news- live streaming subscription fund

Message from David Mowat from St Stephen’s

Dear colleague,

As soon as the severe restrictions lift, I am ready to provide live streaming concerts in St Stephen’s. Speranza and film maker Rhodri Spearing and a sound engineer friend offered their time for free at a successful trial run on Monday, so I know it’s possible. (We didn’t know it was a trail run until the curtain came down that evening!)

Would you please consider informing your fans, friends and followers on your mailing list of the chance to be a subscriber.

With film maker, sound engineer present and with musicians in strained circumstances less able to gig for free, but without a live generous audience, I have needed to find a creative way to keep the show on the road.

With love and thanks for the support you have given the programme in the past. Davis Mowat, concerts’ organiser

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Brigstowe Village Band Summer

Message from Liz:

Dear BVB,

Hope you are all bearing up in the current crisis.

Laurel and the steerers are still planning for late summer and we are planning a virtual rehearsal on Sunday 19 April – details to follow. Laurel is already putting up new sound files to support our practice.

See here for May and June gigs that have been cancelled – all with very nice sentiments expressed and the probability of re-booking.

When we get to a summer gig, and it must come eventually when all is safe, we will be drawing from the Summer Repertoire 2020 list which can be found here.

Best wishes

Liz for the steering group

PS. Steerers have agreed to pay Laurel during the crisis. If possible please continue to pay subs as usual.

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April Rehearsal cancelled

Message from Liz:

With regret we are cancelling the rehearsal on Sunday 19 April and the Hobby Horse workshop that was to follow.  We will keep a careful eye on developments and let you know the status of the rehearsal in May asap.

Resumption of business as soon as government guidance permits.

Please keep an eye on the website.

By the way in a spirit of optimism, in the hope we will all be playing together soon, the Summer Playlist will be posted so everyone can practice.

(A note from the Treasurer – subs are due for April to August – details can be found here.)

Keep in touch and anyone who needs help do not hesitate to contact Steerers.

Keep safe


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Next BVB rehearsal Sunday15 March

The next BVB rehearsal is on Sunday 15 March, Jubilee Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, 2 – 4.15pm.

Laurel has posted the list of tunes to be played here.

The refreshment rota can be found here.

Look forward to seeing you all.

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