Next BVB rehearsal Sunday 13 October

The next BVB rehearsal is on Sunday 13 October, Jubilee Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, 2 – 4.30pm.

Laurel has put the list of tunes to be played here.

The refreshment rota can be found here.

Look forward to seeing you all.

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Thank you to all who took part in the Long Ashton gigs

Message from Liz about the Long Ashton gigs:

Thanks to all those who played the Long Ashton’s this weekend. Heather is writing a mail about the Harvest supper, but I wanted to add that on both days we played confidently and rhythmically, particularly the Laurel arrangements which seem to be lifting our playing.

Long Ashton Apple Day was pleasing for me because it was so much better in terms of BVB presentation than last year – a visible improvement – specially thanks to Lyn for getting folk into their places and to Heather for her persuasiveness on the dance floor. The organiser Sam was very pleased with the way BVB attacked a crowd that sat and listened!

£30 at each gig for BVB funds Рand rock cakes and apple crumble to boot Рgood job and best wishes.



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BVB Practice Friday 4 October

There will be a practice for the two Long Ashton gigs on Friday 4 October, 7.30pm at 23, The Crescent, Henleaze. BS9 4RP.

It will be a chance for everyone (particularly tune players) to have a little extra brush up before the gigs.

Note: For both gigs there will be readings which require interaction with the band and therefore a tiny bit of rehearsal.

We will run through both playlists and sort out intros for Sunday.

Long Ashton Harvest Festival. Saturday 5 October

  • At the practice please look at Heather’s plan for your position on the stage and times of arrival.
  • The setlist and info about arrival times, directions to venue etc can be found here.

Long Ashton Apple Day. Sunday 6 October

  • Lyn will have a place plan which will be available at the practice. We will need to move into places efficiently because there is a group of dancers performing directly before us at 3pm.

On Sunday:

  • The band will arrive at 2pm and assemble in the Youth Hall (small hall behind the main hall)
  • Play through and revisit readings and interactions with the band
  • Chris and Lyn will set up the stage for Part 1 with microphone on a stand for the speakers.

Playlist for Long Ashton Apple Day on Sunday 6 October: Long Ashton Apples Playlist

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Videos of BVB

The steering group are in the process of putting some video material of BVB performances on You Tube (thanks to Chris Chaloner).

A selected few videos will be public and can be accessed through links from the ‘Pictures and Videos’ page of the website.

The remainder will be for the band to view only and will be accessed through links from the password protected ‘Videos of BVB’ page of the website which can be found under the ‘Rehearsals 2019’ tab. (The password is the same as for the ‘Music’ page).

We feel the videos will be useful for band members to look at, particularly in terms of how we present ourselves – seating arrangement, dress etc.

When watching:

Look for a nice balance of sound and interesting texture from harmonies and also variety of instrument groups for different verses. Varied intros also make for more interest.

Our aim is to:

Look as though we are enjoying playing.

Respond to the music.

Engage with the audience and each other.

Look at, listen to and add responses to speakers and singers.

Move to a higher level of performance skills.


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Next BVB rehearsal Sunday 22 September

The next BVB rehearsal is on Sunday 22 Sept, Jubilee Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, 2 – 4.30pm.

The refreshment rota can be found here.

This terms subs are now due. Please find payment details here. Thank you.


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Long Ashton Apple Day -Sunday 6 October 2019


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Next BVB Rehearsal Sunday 18 August 2019

The next Brigstowe Village Band rehearsal  with Laurel will be on Sunday 18 August, Jubilee Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, 2 Р4.30pm.

Playlist to follow from Laurel when she is back from the US – but please pack our ‘old standards’

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