Videos of BVB

The steering group are in the process of putting some video material of BVB performances on You Tube (thanks to Chris Chaloner).

A selected few videos will be public and can be accessed through links from the ‘Pictures and Videos’ page of the website.

The remainder will be for the band to view only and will be accessed through links from the password protected ‘Videos of BVB’ page of the website which can be found under the ‘Rehearsals 2019’ tab. (The password is the same as for the ‘Music’ page).

We feel the videos will be useful for band members to look at, particularly in terms of how we present ourselves – seating arrangement, dress etc.

When watching:

Look for a nice balance of sound and interesting texture from harmonies and also variety of instrument groups for different verses. Varied intros also make for more interest.

Our aim is to:

Look as though we are enjoying playing.

Respond to the music.

Engage with the audience and each other.

Look at, listen to and add responses to speakers and singers.

Move to a higher level of performance skills.


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