BVB Practice Friday 4 October

There will be a practice for the two Long Ashton gigs on Friday 4 October, 7.30pm at 23, The Crescent, Henleaze. BS9 4RP.

It will be a chance for everyone (particularly tune players) to have a little extra brush up before the gigs.

Note: For both gigs there will be readings which require interaction with the band and therefore a tiny bit of rehearsal.

We will run through both playlists and sort out intros for Sunday.

Long Ashton Harvest Festival. Saturday 5 October

  • At the practice please look at Heather’s plan for your position on the stage and times of arrival.
  • The setlist and info about arrival times, directions to venue etc can be found here.

Long Ashton Apple Day. Sunday 6 October

  • Lyn will have a place plan which will be available at the practice. We will need to move into places efficiently because there is a group of dancers performing directly before us at 3pm.

On Sunday:

  • The band will arrive at 2pm and assemble in the Youth Hall (small hall behind the main hall)
  • Play through and revisit readings and interactions with the band
  • Chris and Lyn will set up the stage for Part 1 with microphone on a stand for the speakers.

Playlist for Long Ashton Apple Day on Sunday 6 October: Long Ashton Apples Playlist

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