Next virtual BVB rehearsal Sunday 14 June

The next virtual zoom BVB rehearsal will be 2pm on Sunday 14 June.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Please see message below from Liz about the format of the rehearsal:

Dear Brigstowe members

With members approval, steerers propose a differently focussed rehearsal  on Sunday

We are going to attempt  to produce an audio visual  presentation  for internal consumption only . We have two possible approaches

 Plan A

We rehearse a  tune- chosen  from Laurel’s suggestions of   Banbury Bill  or  a SW tune – maybe Wet Weather – maybe WW96 – maybe the new one, Loose Petticoats
or something really safe and popular like Opera Hat

Laurel records a guide and sends it to everyone.  Much like the zoom rehearsal where you only hear her  and yourself.

Everyone wears headphones to hear the guide and makes a recording on a separate device (e.g. play audio from computer via headphones, record on phone)

Everyone sends their audio to Laurel who mixes it to make one file that sounds just like the whole band.

Laurel sends the finished audio to everyone

Everyone films themselves playing their part – including smiling whilst playing and dancing/ listening along in the rests

Everyone sends the film to Laurel – or someone else if someone else wants to do it!

Laurel – or someone else – makes a video to accompany the audio

The final thing would look like one of those recordings of an orchestra or choir that have been doing the rounds!

Plan B  for discussion at ‘ break time on Sunday

Individual / small group performances .

Tunes on a theme, songs , words, dancing  . Max length 3 mins for each ‘performance ‘ .  An initial run of about half an hour .

To be assembled by Lyn , John M and possibly Chris Chaloner .

Please note: We will be practicing the tune during the rehearsal and then, afterwards at our leisure, make the recording while listening to Laurel’s guide track. We will then send it to Laurel.

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