Provisional plans for the next couple of months – rehearsals and group recording

See message from Liz below about plans for the next couple of months:

Sunday July 12th 2-4 Zoom rehearsal  led by Laurel
including final discussion of the audio and video recording of Banbury Bill

Sunday July 26th 2-4pm : proposed ‘outdoor ‘ practice on the field at the back of Long Ashton Community Centre run by members ( * TBC – lockdown rules permitting)

Sunday August 16th 2-4pm : outdoor practice at Long Ashton run by members or Laurel if she is available (TBC)

Steerers Helen , Liz and Fritjof , will offer their gardens to facilitate the opportunity for Brigstowe members to meet in smaller groups outdoors ( probably max 6 ) for additional practice. We will need to know which ( if any ) group members plan to join. Date and time to be decided.

In view of data protection concerns you will have received Fritjof a members ‘opt in’ for release of data permissions

3 small groups facilitated by Helen , Fritjof and Liz .

Keep safe

Liz (for steerers group )

Group Recording

Plan A : for internal consumption only
We rehearse a tune- probably Banbury Bill

Laurel will post a recording of Banbury Bill and send it to everyone. This will be a new recording not one of the existing files on line

Everyone wears headphones to hear the guide and makes a recording on a separate device (e.g. play audio from computer via headphones, record on phone) See previous post for example of recording of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra  which was recorded using  mobile phones – as an example of what is possible

Everyone sends their audio to Laurel who mixes it to make one file that sounds just like the whole band.

Laurel sends the finished audio to everyone

Everyone films themselves playing their part – including smiling whilst playing and dancing/ listening along in the rests

Everyone sends the film to Laurel

Laurel makes a video to accompany the audio

The final thing would look like one of those recordings of an orchestra or choir that have been doing the rounds!


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