Small group rehearsals – we’ll have to wait a bit longer

Dear Brigstowe players,
No sooner do you make a plan than it has to change .
 You may have seen an item on Points West yesterday about  instrumental groups rehearsing  . The phrase used in the government directive is :

non-professionals should currently not engage in singing or playing wind and brass instruments with other people given these activities pose a potentially higher risk of transmission and while research is ongoing”. 

Sadly steerers feel that in these circumstances they cannot continue to  arrange small group rehearsals. However  26  of you replied to Fritjof’s  mail   to release your e mail addresses to band members   and he has compiled a intercommunication directory which  he plans to send out soon so you can make your own arrangements should you wish to .
 Steerers will continue to watch for any changes  and keep fingers crossed that we can all meet at Long Ashton on July 26th .
 Liz ( for Steerers)
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