Three Villages Festival, Saturday 4 June 2022

Friday 27 May 2022 ‘Kitchen’ Rehearsal for the Jubilee gig at the 3 villages on June 4th, 7-9pm, Pill Memorial Club, 1 Lodway, Pill, 

Bristol, BS20 0DH.

So far 6 people have indicated they intend to come . Now that we are booking a hall there is a cost implication and we should have at least 10 to make it worthwhile.

Please email Liz if you intend to come to the rehearsal.  Attached here is the provisional rehearsal list  


Details for the Three Villages Gig known so far, more to follow

Arrive :3pm to set up/ microphone for speaking voices , check  

Play : 4pm -5.15 ( shorter time than originally proposed).The organisers then want to take a photo of the village participants ( not us !)

Hog Roast:  6 ish 

Postcode : SN147JL: this covers a wide area .


It’s a very nice, bucolic outdoor venue . They are contributing £100 to band funds and have invited us to be guests at their hog roast – some of you may remember the refreshments that were provided at the harvest festival at St Mary’s – related group

best wishes


PS The previous ‘ session’ in this hall was very useful in identifying repertoire we want to pursue with Alison. Given our busy calendar I don’t think we can have another until August , but I would be grateful if members can look at their diaries and see if they are provisionally available on Friday August 5th or 12th 7- 9 pm 

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