Set Lists

Emersons Green Festival of Nature, Saturday 25 September – Setlist:

Pat’s Big Party, Sunday 19 September 2021 – Setlist:

Luna and Virge Handfasting, Saturday 4 September 2021 – Setlist:

Trendlewood Community Festival, Saturday 28 August 2021 – Draft Setlist:

Stoke Gifford – Sunday 15 August – Draft Set List here

Clifton Summer Serenade, Wednesday 21 July 2021. Playlist Version 2:

Summer Repertoire 2020 from which playlists will be drawn: BVB Summer Rep 2020

Setlist for Southmead Hospital Christmas Buskathon, Friday 14 December 2018, 12.30pm     BVB SMD xmas 2018docx

Setlist for John Lewis in aid of Southmead Hospital Christmas Bukathon, Sunday 9 December 2018, 2.30pm     BVB John Lewis 2018

John Lewis and Southmead Buskathon (Sunday 9 December and Friday 14 December) – setlists with arrangements     John Lewis Southmead Busk 2018

Setlist for St Stephen’s Lunchtime Concert, Monday 3 December 2018 1.10 – 2pm       St Stephens xmas 2018

Setlist for Fair Saturday, Downstairs Foyer, Colston Hall on Saturday 24 November 2018, 2.30-3.30pm. Fair Saturday setlist

Setlist for Long Ashton Apple Day on Sunday 7 October 2018:Setlist for Long Ashton Apple Day 

We may need to change our dance plans on Sunday – just in case please also bring:

Helston Furry Dance and Waterloo Dance

Scotch Polka and Captain Whites

Blaydon Races

Setlist for Party in the Park on Saturday 15 September 2018: Party in the Park ā€“ Golden Hill Sports Ground

Setlist for Clift Road Street Party on Saturday 8 September 2018:Basic playlist for Clift Road Street party on 8th September

Final Setlist and running order for GrittletonCricket Club, Saturday 7JulyGrittleton Running Order

Setlist for West Somerset Folk Festival, Saturday 30 June 2018: BVB programme WSFF.

Click here for sheet music for Pop Goes the Weasel:  Pop Goes the Weasel

Please note there are a few minor changes to the setlist:

Wednesday Night will now be paired with Portsmouth for dancing.

Waterloo Dance, Fred Pidgeon’s Triumph, Scotch Polka and Enrico will become listening pieces.

Setlist for Southmead Hospital Buskathon, Friday 15 June 2018:Southmead Buskathon sum 2018 12

Setlist for Rookery Farm, Puxton, Sunday 10 June 2018:Puxton Sunday 10th June 2018

Final Setlist for Henleaze Street Party Saturday 9 June 2018: Summer Set List Henleaze 2018

Summer Setlist 2018:    For Henleaze Street Party, Saturday 9 June and Rookery Farm Sunday 10 June.         

Summer Set List 2018      This summer setlist will take us through our outdoor gigs from June to October, hopefully without much amendment.

Setlist for Artspace gig at Ashton Court 19 May 2018:    Artspace Ashton Court

St Stephen’s Lunchtime Concert – Monday 19 March 2018

  1. Hardy and the Village Band
  • Enrico
  • Cam ye o’er frae France
  • Thrashing of the Oats


  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Brighton Camp


2. Dancing

  • Spirit of the Dance
  • Fred Pidgeon’s Triumph (with dancers)
  • Waterloo Dance (with dancers)
  • Hungarian Waltz (hopefully with dancers)

3. The Demise of the Village Band

  • Devil Amongst the Tailors

4. The Resurgence of the Village Band

  • Lord Kelly’s Reel

Encore: Blackberry Quadrille

Supporting Glovox Community Choir, Armah Centre – Wednesday 21 March 2018

1. Enrico

Poem ‘Great things’ – Mary, Lyn and Mike

2. Cam Ye O’er From France 

3. Thrashing of the Oats

Words – Harry

4. Soldiers Joy

5. Spirit of the Dance

6. Fred Pidgeon’s Triumph

7. Devil Among the Tailors

Repeat verse 1 of Devil Among the Tailors after words from Liz

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