National Trust Volunteers Party, Newark Park, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Dear BVB players for   Newark Park.

Attached is the provisional playlist / intros for Newark Park on Wednesday, July 13.. It is as complete as I can make it at present 

As you know we are providing background music.  The tunes were are playing are summer repertoire   largely, with which you are familiar

To provide interest I have ordered tunes in a way that where ever possible contrasting rhythms and keys provide some variety . There will be no linking words 

I have yet to receive the exact timing of the program from Jo the organiser- there will be breaks, some of them for speeches of thanks to the NT volunteers .

When I have received the timing from Jo I may make some small adjustments to the list 

The National Trust are giving us a donation of £60 for this performance and refreshments look forward to what should be a lovely gig 

Hopefully see as many as possible at the rehearsal on Tuesday 12th at Long Ashton . If you are free that evening – even if you are not playing Newark Park – feel free to come 

Best wishes


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