Newark Park, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Dear BVB

On Wednesday we play Newark Park starting at 5.30 please arrive around 4.45. 

Information below has been up-dated  following discussion with the organiser and supersedes what is currently on the website

You can draw up in front of the house  un-load then move your car back to the car park 


  •  Band play 5.30pm  – 6.15pm
  •  Short break 6.15-6.30pm:  speeches and award presentation
  •  Band play 6.30pm /7.15pm

If the weather is suitable, we will play on the lawn on the south terrace (the back of the house overlooking the amazing view,

We are playing background music . No words . No Briggy 

In the unlikely event of rain we will be inside the house in the entrance hall. This may also apply to sun  

We will largely be seated  

The marquee will be the band base. It is lockable and there is plenty of space on the lawn close by to picnic.

Attached is the latest rehearsal list for Tuesday 12th . ( 7 pm Long Ashton )   The final list will be mailed out after the rehearsal 

best wishes,


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