BVB workshop 10 November 2019

Long Ashton Community Centre, Long Ashton, Bristol. BS41 9DP

10am – 4pm (doors open 9.30am).

Hello! Here are the tunes for the BVB workshop on 10th Nov. For each tune just choose the clef / transposed version that you need and just print that.  There will be recordings available here next week: 

Look forward to playing these tunes with you!

These three are the ones we will spend a large amount of time on:

Brown Velvet Waltz – Treble Clef

Brown Velvet Waltz – Bb

Brown Velvet Waltz – F

Brown Velvet Waltz – Alto Clef

Brown Velvet Waltz – Bass Clef


Captain Dyke – Treble Clef

Captain Dyke – Bb

Captain Dyke – F

Captain Dyke – Alto Clef

Captain Dyke – Bass Clef


Wet Weather – Treble Clef

Wet Weather – Bb

Wet Weather – F

Wet Weather – Alto Clef

Wet Weather – Bass Clef


We will play through some (or maybe even all) of the following Parts in F to come:







Peacock followed the hen

Peacock followed the henBb

The Peacock Followed The Hen – F


Stingo – Treble Clef 1

Stingo – Treble Clef 2

Stingo – Bb Part

Stingo – F

Stingo – Bass Clef


Wednesday Night – Treble Clef

Wednesday Night – Bass Clef

Wednesday Night Bb

Wednesday Night – F