BVB Rehearsal Sunday 16 January 2022

Happy New Year.

The next BVB rehearsal with Laurel will be on Sunday 16 January, 2-4pm, Pavilion, Long Ashton.

We will be preparing for the BAWA gig on Tuesday 18 January. Details of the gig can be found here.

The provisional playlist for BAWA can be found here. Tunes are the same as St Stephens but the narrative is now for a Wassail event.

As the gig will be longer than St Stephens we will also play Hogmanay Jig, Winter (Opera) Hats and Carl Wark.

Intros will be confirmed at the kitchen practice on Friday or at Sundays rehearsal.

Please bring all the music for these tunes to Sundays rehearsal plus King Bramble


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