Gigs and Events 2022

Dress code for gigs (see photos of band for guidance)

Dress as Victorian working people. Please let the steering group know if you have problems as we have a few spare hats and waistcoats.

  • basically yellow / green (… shades of) against black / white

Black trousers or skirt / white shirt or blouse / black, green or yellow waistcoat (optional), necktie (optional).

Hats – bowler, or straw hat in summer – decorated.

Music stands decorated with flowers if possible.

Gigs and Events 2022

Tuesday 18 January BAC Social Club at BAWA, 2.15-3.15pm 589 Southmead Road, Bristol BS34 7RG

Friday 25 February Badgerset Gig, Nailsea, evening